Here’s a question for you.

Did Christopher Columbus really discover America?   The answer depends on who you ask, or what you read.


But at this point, enough people believe he didn’t even step foot in America, let alone discover it.  So, why does he get celebrated?

Well, even if he didn’t “discover”  America, he certainly did other great things worth being recognized for.


Years ago, real estate agents were given credit for “finding” people the perfect house. Then, the Internet made “discovering” almost any house on the market a pretty simple task. Even a novice, with no real estate experience, could find the house of their dreams on their own.

This kinda made people start to question the value of real estate agents…

Made it seem easy.

Well, if it were simply a matter of finding a house, that might be a valid conclusion.

But there’s so much more to it.

Stumbling across America, or a house to buy, is not the same as successfully staking your claim, and making it your new home.

Rather than give a laundry list of what a real estate agent does beyond just helping someone find a house, let’s just paint a quick picture…

You’re on a boat, back in 1492. You’ve sailed the ocean blue. You reached land. Now what? How do you actually make it your new home? Can you possibly anticipate everything you’ll encounter? What do you do first?

Finding a house, or a buyer for your house, is only one small part of the process. For most people, navigating the entire process of buying and selling a house is a whole new world. And that’s where great real estate agents earn their respect.

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Trumansburg Tuesday {Happy October!}

Only 12 more Tuesday’s left in all of 2017…. just one dozen 2017 Trumansburg Tuesday’s left!!

The year has been good for Trumansburg real estate.  As of today, the entire Trumansburg School District has seen 60 non lake front residential properties sell with an average sold price of $210,000.  We’ve broken last year’s high and we aren’t even done with the year yet.   The only other higher years for units sold is 2011 and 2010 and their average sold price was below $189,000.   In other words, demand is higher for Trumansburg properties than it has been year over year and supply is lower; driving the sold prices up.

Tburg Sold 10-17 copy

So, if you’re looking for a home,  what’s left out there in Trumansburg to choose from? There are currently 20, non lake front residences listed for sale in the Ithaca Board of REALTORS mls, ranging from $65,000 to $800,000 with a median (or middle) list price of $247,000.

Search here

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Featured Property Friday

2300 E Seneca St, Lodi NY    $379,000

Have it all in the heart of Finger Lakes wine country. Large farmhouse, amish built barn/retail store front could be turned into apartments, & warehouse or distribution center with office with loading docs. 12 acres with fences and farmland. Click address above for all the details and photos and… Take the virtual tour HERE


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