Trumansburg Tuesday – Year End

Happy Trumansburg Tuesday and Happy Holidays!  As the year winds down, let’s see how Trumansburg’s real estate market did compared to years past. 

First, a look at the residential real estate inside the Village.   There have been more sales this year than any year in the past 10 years.  And the average sold price has increased from last year.    There is currently 1 residential property under contract/sale pending.  If it closes before the new year, it can be included, bringing the total to 33 units sold.  The closest to that was in 2010 with the first time home buyer tax credit propping up the market.

Tburg Village Residential SOLD YTD 2007-2017


Now let’s look at the entire area that serves the Trumansburg School District.  Again, more residential, non lake front units have sold this year than any of the previous 7 years. And the average selling price is higher than any of the previous 7 years.   There are 4 properties under contract/sale pending (including the one in the village).  If these close before the end of the calendar year, they can be included in the statistics, bringing the possible total for the year to 81.

Tburg Sold 10-17


The fact that both inside and outside the village residential sales along with property values continue to steadily rise tells me that the demand to live in Trumansburg continues to be strong.

*stats courtesy of the Ithaca Board of REALTORS mls, compiled by Lindsay Hart, REALTOR.


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