Interested in buying a house? Do this first…


You probably don’t overthink things if you see a house for sale that you’d like to go in and see.

If there’s an open house, there’s a good chance you’d just pop on in.

If you see a for sale sign on the lawn of a house you like, maybe you’d just call the listing agent and end up having him or her show you the house.

Or, if you’re cruising the Internet and come across something you’d like to go see, you may just set something up with the agent attached to the online listing.

What’s the big deal, right?

Before I got into real estate, I’d have thought the same thing. But, here’s what I’ve learned…

You shouldn’t do any of those things.

Of course finding the perfect house is ultimately what a homebuyer is focused on, and concerned about. But the agent who represents your interests is as important of a decision.

And when you do any of the above things, you’re essentially “choosing” an agent to work with and represent your interests.

People often complain about having lousy relationships or experiences with real estate agents. From what I’m gathering here in the field, that happens because most people stumble into their relationship with a real estate agent. They put house first, and the agent they work with comes along with it.

Buyers don’t always buy the first house they call on, or stop into. But it can happen. You can walk in and fall in love with a place, and the next thing you know you’re making an offer and going through the process with whatever agent you came across.

Sure, the process, experience, and agent may be great. But, often it’s not the case.

I’ve already heard people say, “I wish I’d called you before I made an offer.”

Unfortunately, at that point it might have even been too late.

Once an agent shows you a house, they can claim “procuring cause”. (It’s a bit much to get into here, but basically put, you can get stuck working with that agent, even if they’re not a great agent, or doing a good job.)

So, please do call. Call one of us before you even go see a house.

Even if you aren’t super serious and feel like you “don’t want to waste my time”. It’s never a waste of my time. Because you never know what house you will see will end up being “the one”.

If you see a house you’re interested in…

  • Skip the open house. Let’s go see it privately and without the crowds or prying eyes and ears of the listing agent.
  • If you see a for sale sign of a house you are interested in seeing…don’t just call the listing agent. Call one me. They already represent the seller. Have someone truly representing you and your interests separately.
  • If you see something online you want to see, just forward me the listing and we can arrange a time to go see it.

…always call me before you just go “check it out”.

It’s a huge decision and transaction, and you should have someone who truly represents your best interests.

Hope that was some good insight for you.

Until next time,

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