Sick days

I’d like to say that I rarely get sick, in the past this has been true, but lately it’s not the case.  Since I’m trying to be  super-mom and  rock star real estate agent (i.e. trying to do it all), I’ve run my defenses down and have become susceptible to all the wonderful germs that go along with the winter in the northeast. 

In brief – today is a sick day.  I shouldn’t be blogging, I should be sleeping and reserving all energies to recovering so I can show my out-of-town buyers around this weekend. (doesn’t it seem like it’s always the case that when you’ve got out-of-town buyers coming in, that you get sick!?)  Alas, I’ve cozied up with my laptop, tissues, and a hot drink.   My recently turned 1 yr old son is with grandma and grandpa for the day so here I am, blogging away. 

Normally mommy’s don’t get ‘sick days’ so I have to admit, I’m not sure how to behave since I don’t have to chase after, feed, change, or play with my son today.  It’s weird, it’s like traveling back in time to when I didn’t have a child…sort of. 

So I’m catching up on my real estate communications – emails to buyers and sellers.  So I got this email from one of my seller’s today and to preface, I love them dearly as they are close friends of mine, and am honored they chose me to help them sell their property.   I had to chuckle at the email they sent to me.   They are eager to sell their property and we received some feedback from a potential buyer about some external obsolescence (which luckily we might be able to remedy).   Maybe it’s because they are eager to sell that they didn’t remember that external obsolescence can affect property value.  It was funny, because they pointed out to me in the email, and asked if the buyer’s agent understood, that value is determined by comparable properties, not neighbor’s houses or surrounding property.   They did have part of it right! 

So when real estate agents say that real estate is all about location, location, location, that includes not only where the property is situated within a locality, but also what surrounds the property that could potentially lower its value, such as a cemetery, huge cell phone towers, junkyard, commercial building in a residential neighborhood, or an abandoned, dilapidated structure.  And then there are external factors that can increase a property’s value, such as lake frontage or a lake view.    

So here’s to sick days!

(*cough, cough* …ugh)

Preparations for the big day

Tomorrow is a big day at our house and there is lots to prepare for… 

We are having my son’s first birthday party tomorrow (he turns one on Tuesday!) AND the Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl.   I don’t know if we’ll be able to handle all of the excitement!      

Let me provide some context;  I was raised on the Steelers, I’m a die hard fan, I ‘bleed’ black and gold.  My husband jokes that he is going to write a book entitled “So I married a Steelers fan, now what?”   It gets pretty loud in our house when the Steelers play (if I’m lucky enough to see the game televised here in upstate NY). 

Now temper that with my first baby turning 1.  Try to imagine the emotions that will be rolling through our house tomorrow…


Making real estate personal

In this era of electronic media and instant messaging, real estate business is conducted more efficiently.  That makes these tools invaluable to today’s real estate agent; if willing to embrace them.   It’s true that you can google just about anyone or anything and have a plethora of information at your fingertips.  That brings me to the question:  Are we sharing to much information and sacrificing personal connections? 

As I created my blog, I asked myself these questions and I thought, there is a lot of information out there about agents and what they do and how they can help you.  Why not make real estate more personal?  After all, I am helping buyers and sellers with a big investment, sometimes the biggest, and I think it should be personal.  You should trust your REALTOR, be able to confide in him or her,  and have that personal connection – if it’s what you expect.  

It is with that thought, that my focus for this blog will be to make real estate personal.  Not only am I going to give real estate information and market data  as it relates to the greater Ithaca NY area, but I’m also going to muse about being a first time mommy, and all the fun firsts that come along with it,  while nurturing my real estate career.

Maybe you will be able to relate;  at the least I hope you find it fun and informative!